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Cindy Carrillo

Born and raised in the rural mining town of Superior, Arizona, having a dad who was a geologist, and a family that camped all over the country, instilled in Carrillo a real love for the natural world.  Painting landscapes, plein- air has been a perfect fit for her. Carrillo says, "If I can capture a little piece of time, space, light, and atmosphere, maybe the viewer can see what he has been missing. Paintings are like little windows of the world, they pale (no matter how good the painter) in comparison to Gods handwork, but can give us a reminder, a memory of places we have been, or of people we love.  I strive continually to get better and hone my skills in the hopes that my paintings will even in a small way help people to stop and see the world differently."

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"Still Standing"

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Joyous Lake Studio
Paintings of the White Mountains and the Southwest.

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