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Gwen Pentecost
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Gwen enjoys a range of subject matter, yet has found that what drives her most is capturing the sense of place, the feel of each landscape, and so she has chosen to focus on landscapes in oil as her primary subject matter. She is particularly passionate about landscapes of the Southwest, in all its variety, although she enjoys painting everywhere she goes. Each of her paintings renders the light, weather, and beauty of that particular scene, making her work evocative and highly characteristic of whatever region she is painting.

Gwen balances her outdoor painting time with painting in the studio next to her gallery, Joyous Lake, but enjoys painting plein air best: “Its so great to be out here in the beautiful White Mountains. I don’t generally pay much attention to the wind and the bugs when I’m painting. You can set a jackhammer off next to me and I won’t hear it. But coming from sea level to our home at 7500 ft., has had its own challenges - I haven't gotten used to the cold of winter yet, and painting in the snow is still a daunting experience! But I'm working on it.”

Gwen grew up in an artist’s household. Her mother, Flora Macdonald, had studied with Armin Hansen and painted with the Monterey painters of the early twentieth century. Macdonald painted and sculpted throughout Gwen’s childhood. This early exposure developed her eye and made the creative act a familiar, everyday process for her, something she appreciated immensely when, in her early thirties, she made painting her primary focus. Now, although the style of her work can most closely be linked to the California plein air painters, she has carried it into her Southwest work, and it continues to evolve into a style unique in southwest art.

The artist lives in Pinetop, Arizona, with her husband, Lloyd Pentecost.

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Exhibitions, awards, memberships, dates and places...


Women Artists of the West at the National Arts Foundation, 2006
Paint the Aspens, October, 2005, 2006;
Women Artists of the West at Hart Park, April 2005, 2006;
Solo show, "GoodBye, LA (though I've loved you)," Santa Monica, February 25-26, 2005
Tucson Plein Air Painters, El Presidio Gallery, Tucson, AZ, February, 2005
Desert Plein Air, La Quinta Arts Foundation, Nov. 2004
American Southwest Art Exhibition, Reagan Presidential Library, 2004 (show chair)
Featured Artist, Canyonside Gallery, January 2004, December 2002
Strathern Foundation Invitational Show, Reagan Presidential Library, 2003
WAOW International Show, DuBois, Wyoming, 2003
Norco Western Art Show & Sale, 2002, 2003
Wickenburg Art Show, WAOW, 2002, 2003
Helper Plein Air Competition and Festival, 2001, 2002
Arts Alliance of the White Mountains Show, 2000
Women Artists of the West Membership Shows, 1994-present;
Pa-Jo's Mountain Man Rendezvous show, 1998 - 2002;
Paint-L Exhibit, "A New Year," "Real Gardens, Virtual Friends,"2002
Allied Artists of the Santa Monica Mountains, 2001- 2004;

Professional memberships:

Signature member and Immediate Past President, Women Artists of the West (WAOW);
Tucson Plein Air Painters SocietyNortheast Arizona Fine Arts Association;
American Impressionist Society; and
Artists of Paint-L.

Represented by:

Joyous Lake Studio & Gallery, Pinetop, Arizona 85935


Invitational image, Mountains Trust, Headwaters Corners Show, March, 2004
Norco Western Art Show, 2002; 2nd Place, Premier Division

Published :
Los Angeles County: A Day Hiker's Guide (cover art)
Art of the American West, by Julie Christiansen-Dull and Caroline Linscott; Rockport Publishing.

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With appreciation to

Flora Macdonald, artist's mother and student of Armin Hansen, co-author of Creative Art in England, member of Gertrude Stein's Salon in Paris. Painted with the Monterey painters of the early 20th Century, including Helen & Marjorie Bruton, C. S. Price.

Christian Title, artist and owner of Deville Galleries, who loaned me wonderful original American Impressionist paintings as the best "lessons" an artist could have.

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Joyous Lake Gallery

Paintings of the White Mountains and the Southwest.

1869 East White Mountain Blvd.
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