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Jeanne Hyland

Training as a sculptor, along with years of experience as a commercial designer and illustrator helped form her style, technique and sensibilities into the talented artist she is today. "Natural and manmade objects in unexpected encounters continually draw my attention and spark my imagination. Beauty, peacefulness and a connection to life's inner forces create scenes that I can hope to lead others to experience. These qualities motivate me to explore new subject matter and techniques as I evolve as an artist." She recently moved from California to Santa Fe, NM.

Jeanne is a sought-after teacher and juror as well as an artist. We chose her garden flower series as especially fitting for the White Mountains, but she is also accomplished at character portraits of cowboys and settlers of the early west.




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Joyous Lake Studio
Paintings of the White Mountains and the Southwest.

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Open gladly by appointment - call 928-242-9211

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