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Leslie Allen

Leslie Allen's colourful, intimate landscapes infused with light, translate feeling and impressions onto the canvas. Inspired at an early age by her grandfather to paint from life, she is drawn to plein air painting. "I see paintings everywhere; I'm constantly painting in my head. My strongest influence, the Canadian landscape, brightens my spirit and feeds my soul. I am immediately attracted to and inspired by colourful, intimate landscapes infused with light and shadow. " She obviously does gorgeous floral paintings as well!

Leslie Allen shows her award-winning work regionally and nationally, and is a key organizer of several art associations. She's a dynamo, and makes friends everywhere she goes.


For her resume and artist's statement, click here.





"Sunflower Field "
14" x 18" oil, $900

"As Far As the Eye Can See"
6" x 9 " oil, $260
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